What is Precision Precast Concrete?

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology For Precision Precast Concrete

Learn exactly what goes into precast concrete from a modern precast concrete manufacturer. We break down the innovations in concrete production to showcase how our team leverages the newest research to give your project the best in precast concrete.

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Utilizing precast concrete for building construction projects has become more popular due to the streamlined nature of the process. Architects and contractors are able to work together and find the best solution for their client’s needs before sending the specifications to a precast concrete manufacturer such as our team here at Precision Precast Concrete.

Knowing the differences between low and high-quality precast concrete can save your project thousands of dollars in labor. It also saves on future costs compared to low-quality concrete as the lower the quality, the more maintenance and repairs are needed.

Our team of expert designers has created the perfect mix designs for Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC), Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC). Giving our customers access to the right mix for the job is essential in our commitment to quality and transparency.

How Our Process Ensures High-Quality Results:

  • Precision automation has been implemented throughout the precast concrete manufacturing process to eliminate errors and increase efficiency.
  • Microwave moisture probes examine each aggregate bin to determine water content allowing us to fine-tune the mix design.
  • Automated fiber dispensers weigh and administer the exact amount of fibers needed for proper impact and thermal expansion resistance along with stronger reinforcement for all FRC applications.
  • Each automated admixture pump is individually calibrated for precision dosing.
  • Our mix designs use fines ranging from silica to integral water sealers to provide clients with the most durable concrete on the market, thanks to proper density and composition.
  • High-intensity counter-current mixers use integrated whirlers for total agitation to achieve perfectly mixed batches free of clumps and dead spots.
  • Proper mixing also provides consistent coloring for projects needing aesthetically pleasing cast stone or large sections of precast concrete without a single blemish.
  • Lastly, each batch is mixed for the right amount of time by utilizing internal thermometers installed directly to the mixer.

Benefits of Precast Concrete

There are multiple reasons so many projects are transitioning to precast concrete and cast stone from trusted precast concrete manufacturers. Our enhanced automation and analytic tools mean perfect concrete mixtures in each and every batch, delivered directly to your job site. Let’s dive into some of the reasons having the right precast UHPC manufacturer is so important when creating high-performance buildings.

Thermal Storage

Insulated precast concrete makes for an ideal interior service for those looking to minimize construction costs and labor hours. In addition, the thermal storage properties of the concrete allow it to absorb and disperse, or store, energy throughout the wall to lower the peak temperature of your building’s walls.

Reduced Construction Costs and Waste

Any modern construction project should focus on environmental impact and the amount of waste being created to achieve the end result. Precast concrete is delivered already meeting the requirements for construction, meaning your team simply has to put the pieces together with no extra mess.

Improved Quality of Life

One of the factors that brings us many return customers is how much easier a project’s completion becomes when working directly with a precast concrete manufacturer. Each panel of precast concrete from our team is guaranteed to be the most durable concrete on the market, which drastically lowers maintenance needs and costs.

High levels of durability ensure the maximum service life and value for each panel. Being able to easily order high-quality and precision cast concrete pieces is vital. As the functional needs and details of your buildings change, precast concrete is able to enhance and optimize the pivot to new structures.

Precast Is the New Modern Concrete

Reinforced concrete has been used in building construction since the late 1800’s. Nearly 200 years later, the technology behind concrete manufacturing has evolved to its current form of precast concrete while staying true to the traditional methods known for their security and strength.

Still taking advantage of the reinforcement techniques that have stood the test of time, precast approaches to concrete manufacturing have brought accuracy and precision to the table for any construction project. The time and money saved using this method are passed on directly to the project teams, creating a budget-friendly alternative to on-site pours that can carry a hefty price tag.

Traditional concrete poured on-site is made by adding ingredients into a mixing truck which leaves the batch open for inaccurate measurements due to the uncontrolled environment found within the mixer drum. By pouring directly into forms or molds created custom for your job, the exact specifications of size and density for every slab will be made to order with precision guaranteed.

Let Precision Precast Concrete Elevate Your Next Project

Quality in the craftsmanship found in every detail of a project is becoming more and more important as new construction is running out of space for expansion in major cities, making every decision about contractors, materials, outsourcing and solutions matter that much more. We’re here to help you make the right decisions regarding the structural needs of your current and future projects.

If you have any questions about our products, processes or manufacturing standards, we encourage you to reach out to us so our team can get to know you and your project in order to find the perfect solution for your job.

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